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Pictures from our February 2008 Shoot - Bonnie Springs

Photos by Hick

Clicking on photo will enlarge it.

How many cowgirls does it take to change a balloon? 
Answer: 2, Sammi and Faith.
Thanks for the hard work, girls!

scms02081148.JPG (139008 bytes)

Take that, ya li'l red Buzzard!

scms02081175.JPG (168173 bytes)

Roger, Houston, we have liftoff!

scms02081204.JPG (197226 bytes)

Concha training a new recruit


scms02081220.JPG (147815 bytes)

Beware of innocent child packing 45!

scms02081226.JPG (180824 bytes)

Richard, is that a PERIOD cell phone?

scms02081257.JPG (187537 bytes)

Anyone, see my hat?

scms02081281.JPG (205592 bytes)

Fernando, school'in the rest of us.

scms02081300.JPG (153127 bytes)

Good form, Dalayne. Notice the bell boot (or lackthereof)

scms02081331.JPG (161981 bytes)

You want I should step on it, boss?

scms02081345.JPG (174035 bytes)

The last thing you'll ever see it you find yourself on the wrong end of Concha's 45

scms02081384.JPG (197531 bytes)

Kathy on the home stretch

scms02081387.JPG (153636 bytes)

Look'in good, Trudy!

scms02081409.JPG (206128 bytes)

Let me introduce you to my li'l friend (Jesse)

scms02081449.JPG (204169 bytes)

Thought ya gave me the slip, eh?

scms02081480.JPG (200773 bytes)

Got Mr. White; now where's Mr. Red

scms02080853.jpg (131761 bytes)

Lance, staring down the ememy

scms02080874.jpg (136360 bytes)

Take THAT! You..you..balloon!

scms02080883.jpg (148400 bytes)

Trudy com'in round the corner!


scms02080908.jpg (156052 bytes)

Jesse do'in the Hi-Ho


scms02080926.jpg (166157 bytes)


scms02080937.jpg (182023 bytes)

Klaus tak'in careful aim


scms02080967.jpg (163177 bytes)

Boys, look out; here she comes!

scms02080984.jpg (154299 bytes)

Richard pack'in a flamethrower

scms02080995.jpg (155688 bytes)

Dave on the move


scms02081030.jpg (196066 bytes)

Dalayne is Airborne!


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